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Our 8x8 metre rehearsal rooms have large 2.5K JBL/Yamaha rigs in them, with Shure SM58 mics. Backline is available on request for a small charge. Staff will set up the PA for you. Rooms are kept clean & tidy too!


An often overlooked part of the recording process, pre-production can ensure your music is in its best shape before recording. With years of experience we can provide honest constructive feedback. Don't worry, we fully appreciate that it's your music but since rehearsal time is significantly cheaper than recording it's the ideal place to look at elements like rhythm section, song structure, instrument condition and much more.


Based close to Cardiff city centre, STIR has a unique vibe that you can feel isolated from the outside world and get caught up in the recording process. Yet if you need a break or want to get some food, just a step outside and your back to civilisation.


A good mix makes a good mastered track. We can work with any Pro Tools session compatible with our setup to give you the best mix possible.


Using industry standard equipment used in studios all over the world we can work with your existing mixes and provide them with the additional punch that will make them stand shoulder to shoulder with tracks from major artists.

Online Mixing and Mastering

Stir is offering a new online mix service for your recordings. Your online professional mixing and mastering studio.

Using this service you can achieve the same high quality sounding mix as today's major artists. Send us a mix of your song/songs and we will quote for mixing and mastering of your material. If you decide to take advantage of our service we will require consolidated WAV files from you, which we then mix on our system. On completion we will send you a mix for your approval and input then make any further adjustments that you require. Prices per song range from £50 to £200.