Stir Studio is a true professional facility, we are proud to be amongst a very small number of reputable recording studios in and around Cardiff.

The spacious control room measures 7 x 8 metres with natural light and houses some rare analogue outboard equipment. Our awesome 1985 Reims mixing console is one of only 3 in the U.K. and 20 worldwide!

With a large 32 input/output Protools TDM rig as our recording medium we offer a great blend of analogue and digital. Analogue outboard includes Audio Design and Recording, DBX , Drawmer, Focusrite, Lexicon, Summit Audio and Valley People.

We have a large selection of AKG, Audio Technica, Blue, Rode, SE, Shure, Sennheiser mics and 8 transformer DI's. Control room monitoring is via KRK VXT 8's, Genelec 1030's and 1029's, Genelec sub and Tannoy Gold's.

Our Foldback monitoring is outstanding with large Harrison Mosfet amps driving Beyer DT100 & DT150 headphones, crystal clear and super loud!

Our primary live space is full of character and has a vibe that is tough to beat. At a very respectable 8 x 8 metres, we boast one of the biggest custom treated recording spaces in Cardiff.

One of three consoles remaining in the UK and one of the first automated mixing desk built. While it's method of automation has long since been superseeded the console boasts that amazing 'British' sound.

"Paul's technical ability and engineering skills are supreme, but it's when you get in to realm of production itself that he really comes into his own. Out of all the producers I've worked with Paul is by far the most creative, whether working on the development of melodies or mentoring the direction of an album." Julian, Hounds Of Justice/Circle Of One

"We have recorded in Stir 5 times, and the resulting albums have been downloaded thousands of times - everyone agrees the production is absolutely awesome. Studios are normally stressful, intense places to be which can really damage creativity, but recording with Paul is the most (legal) fun you can have, and they get the best out of us every single time." Joey, JPThree

"Each time we've recorded at Stir, whether it's for an EP or a live session, we've been delighted with the results. The equipment in the studio is incredible, and Paul is great to work with helping us get the best out of our sound." Ian Jones, Kutosis

"Stir Studio was an absolute pleasure to work with - their collective experience and passion for what they do shines through. Their brilliant hands-on approach and balance of relaxed and professional attitudes meant our recordings turned out well beyond what we initially imagined! We can't wait to get back and work with them again." Sorin, Spyglass Alternative

"STIR is a fantastic studio with great equipment and atmosphere. Paul's passion, knowledge and experience has made every one of our sessions creative, successful and highly enjoyable. Can't wait to work with them again!" Owen, Eject Pilot Eject

"Working at Stir with Paul is just the best experience we've ever had in a studio. Stir stands head & shoulders above all the other studios we've used. We are so looking forward to the next session. Keep up the good work guys." Stu & Mike, The Unsung.

"The tracks sound amazing. Thanks so much for all your hard work." Colin, Riff Raff

"Paul you took us to a place beyond our wildest expectations. A huge thank you from us all!" We Are Trees

"Me & the boys were just saying the other night what a huge influence you had on us. Thanks Paul." Mel, People In Planes

"The best recording I've ever made, can't wait to work with you guys again." Benji

"Hey Paul, just had a good listen to all the songs, sound absolutely amazing we're all really really chuffed with them! Thanks very much for all your work!." The Lay Lows